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"Love is the cry of the AURORA, love is the anthem of the night"   Victor Hugo.

We went driving, in the heart of the northern mountains of the district of Batroun, crossing village to village, along the twisting roads that we were following to get to "Rachkeddeh".

This traditional Lebanese village of fifteen houses and two churches, located 550 meters above sea level, hides at the bend of a shady path, the cellars of the "AURORA" estate.

Dr. Fadi Geara, oncologist by profession and winemaker by passion, and his lovely wife Nathalie greeted us warmly in their modest cellar located just next to their village house.

In 2004, Fadi, assisted by his wife and now his daughter, began his winery project guided by his love of the good wines that he discovered during his stays in France and the US.

The “AURORA” estate currently cultivates about 3 hectares of vines of different varieties, planted in the mountains at 850 meters of altitude. That is why the wine is called “Vin de montagne” or “Mountain wine”.

The varieties grown are Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay for the white wines and Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Pinot Noir for the red ones.

The production is currently around 15,000 bottles, with the ambition to grow further.

Fadi and Nathalie are inexhaustible on the history of their domain, and especially to evoke the pleasure that the vineyard culture and quality wines’ production bring to them.

Our tasting can now begin;

On the table a large Parmesan cheese wheel generously offered by the Geara.

We started with the Aurora rosé, produced @100% from Cabernet Franc grapes, very fruity and smooth.

Followed by the single varietal whites: the “Crystal” Chardonnay 100% and the "N" (like Nathalie) Sauvignon Blanc 100%. Two silky, although different, white wines.

Then came the turn of the red "Aurora Château" a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon 65% and Merlot 35%, and we ended with a great crush, the "Cabernet Franc" an intense ruby color, black and red fruit flavors…a pleasure in the mouth.

Thank you very much the Geara for this delicious time spent with you. We were overwhelmed by your authenticity and your kindness, and seduced by your beautiful wines.

P.S. While leaving, we noticed a very interesting and wonderful large space in the pine forest next to the estate which is used, during spring and summer, to organize large parties lunch or dinners accompanied by the good AURORA wines.

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