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A divine name that winks to the miracle of transformation of water into wine at the Wedding feast at Cana...

We had already been to Clos de Cana once in July last year, but the owner was not there and the visit was not conclusive. This time we planned a visit with a group of friends, we were 23 and not only the owner, Fadi Gerges, was here but also his daughter, Joanna, who is now managing the strategy of the winery.

Clos de Cana is located at Ras El Harf, just below Bhamdoun in the valley of LAMARTINE. The Domain benefits from a very variable climate all thru the year and an exceptional quiet location in this pine valley surrounded by a beautiful wide panorama of mountains.

Since 2000, Fadi, with a lot of passion and a growing experience, has undertaken a constant search for excellence in the production of his wines.

And now he called his daughter, Joanna, to help him reframe the strategy of the winery and expand its reach.

Actually, the domain is not only a winery but also a very nice wedding venue.

When Joanna came on board few months ago, she suggested to her father to expand the venue by adding a welcome drink area and a chapel. She didn’t have to say it twice…

Both constructions are being currently finalized in an upper area of the facade of the mountain, overlooking the current platform. A very promising, green, flowered and charming setting with a breathtaking scenery.

At our arrival to the domain we were greeted by Fadi and Joanna and directed to the platform of the “Château”.

Fadi started by giving us a bit of a background of the winery, which has developed from a hobby to a current large production of over 250k bottles/year. To date the winery has been producing a large variety of red wines (8), 1 white wine, 1 rosé and an Arak.

The aim now is to reduce the red variety to 4 or 5 and boost their quality. A rebranding is also under development to be implemented soon. The white wine is produced from a blend of Chardonnay and Messassi (a typical Lebanese grape variety). The Rosé of Cinsault and Syrah.

While the reds, apart from one 100% Sobbaghieh (an emblematic indigenous Lebanese variety) and another one of 100% Pinot Noir, are produced from different blend combinations of Cabernet-Sauvignon, Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, Petit Verdot, Petit Cabernet, Merlot & Mourvèdre.

After this very instructive overview of the domain, we entered the “Château” to visit the production site and the cellar just before attending the wine tasting.

6 wines had been prepared to test our taste and palate.

Our first sip was on the white wine. Fresh, dry and smooth, with citrus and fruit, candy like aromas.

It was followed by a quick taste of the rosé, before getting to the reds. The first red was "Jardin Secret" the 100 Sobbaghieh. Deep red color and special subtle aroma. Elegant and balanced.

Then, short of time, we skipped the Pinot Noir to go directly to “Château de Cana”. A very beautiful nose of intense blackcurrant and cherry flavors. Elegant body, structured tannins and a balanced long finish.

Lacking of time, we unfortunately had to also skip the ‘Sélection Spéciale’.

The group was enchanted by their discovery and everyone made sure not to leave empty handed.

Our tour ended here but we will surely follow closely Clos de Cana’s wines and events.

Thank you Joanna and Fadi for this enjoyable moment, this beautiful domain and venue and for the good wines.

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